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    In 2012 the layout and decor of the basement was completely remodeled.  This included a new bar, more seating, better access to the fridge and bathroom and an upgraded French drain system.  The basement is now much more comfortable and practical for both band members and listeners.  Acoustics are also better in the new layout.  New photos showing the improved layout are in the  photo section under 2012 Set-up. 

    In Summer 2012 TOM welcomed in our new bass player Chris and shortly thereafter a jamming harmonica player Howard.  Less than a year later, in mid-2013, our lovely singer Reenie moved into her dream home in upstate NY and so has retired from TOM - only the 2nd woman to do so.  It was sad for us but very good for her and her family so we are all very happy for her.  Fortunately she and our former bass player Mike have both found other bands that fit their situations better than did TOM.  They pop in now and then to sit in with us.  We support them both in all their musical endeavors.

    Just after our annual BBQ in August 2013 our friend and bass player Chris departed TOM for family reasons.  He is sorely missed as he and I connected on many levels.  We wish him well and look forward to seeing him whenever his schedule permits.  Luckily for us a very talented musician, Benjie, who has sat in with us many times has now joined TOM as our bass player.  Benjie also plays great lead guitar, drums, keys and is an excellent vocalist.  We are very fortunate to have found him.

    Keep checking here as we will soon be announcing the date of this year's edition of Rusty's Kosher Christmas Party Jam.  You do not want to miss this great event.


    NEWS - The 11th TOM BBQ on Saturday, August 24, 2013 was a great success with a large turnout.  We are forever grateful to our hosts Allison and Chris for opening up their backyard to us and our followers again this year.  

    The TOM fully support "The Wrecking Crew", an excellent and important movie about a bunch of LA session musicians responsible for scores of top hits for numerous famous artists and bands in the 1960's and beyond.  Try to see the movie if it comes to your area.

    Lastly - click on any date on the calendar to see if there are any special notes about that event.

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    TOM would also like to thank Kenny L. for staying up in Canada so long - much appreciated!!!

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