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    In 2012 the layout and decor of the basement was completely remodeled.  This included a new bar, more seating, better access to the fridge and bathroom and an upgraded French drain system.  The basement is now much more comfortable and practical for both band members and listeners.  Acoustics are also better with the new layout.  New photos showing the improved layout are in the photo section under 2012 Set-up. 

    NEWS - The 13th Annual TOM BBQ on Saturday, September 19, 2015 was a great success.  Music began at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Lori M in Old Tappan.  The band supplied grilling meats as usual.  Grillmaster Rob and his able assistant Bud did a really swell job of keeping the burgers, dogs, wings, etc. coming.  Over 60 guests showed up bringing along kids, dogs and an assortment of side dishes, desserts and various libations of their choosing.  Many guest musicians sat in with the band including a stellar performance of Comfortably Numb by our dear friend Danny who came along with Dirk all the way from Germany to attend the event.  The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.   

    If Lori M doesn't get her house sold some time in 2016 we'd love to go back there for our 14th Annual TOM BBQ.  Stay tuned.

    Our annual Christmas party was incredibly well attended with many guest musicians and other party-goers.  Plenty of good food, drink and classic rock and roll mixed in with Christmas music ensured that a wonderful and festive time was had by all.

    We are happy to report that we have a new bass player.  His name is Joe and he is a great player, a really good guy and a natural Tired Old Man so be sure to pop in to jam night sometime soon to meet him and hear him play.  

    The TOM fully support "The Wrecking Crew", an excellent and important movie about a bunch of LA session musicians responsible for scores of top hits for numerous famous artists and bands in the 1960's and beyond.  Try to see the movie if it comes to your area or pick up the Bluray or DVD.  You won't be sorry.

    Lastly - click on any date on the calendar to see if there are any special notes about that event.

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